Asset Disposition

One of the key elements of SUSA’s client representation is managing the disposition of assets for our clients. We see assets differently and focus on repurposing, supporting our clients’ goal of keeping things out of the landfill. We are able monetize assets that many think have no value, often gaining value far beyond expectations. Value may be in the form of cash or obtaining a tax credit. Our asset recovery and disposition services allows clients to recover maximum value for assets including industrial equipment, electrical switchgear, and inventory. We also manage extracting value for assets that are hidden, such as wood timber and bricks.
We will assess the assets regarding their viability. If they are in need of repair prior to being sold, we will provide a mechanic to get equipment functioning again. We will also manage the dismantling, loading and shipping of equipment. Finally, if an asset is not able to be sold, we understand how to get maximum value as scrap. As part of the asset removal and disposition, SUSA provides a “White Box” service where we will remove and dispose of the various assets on behalf of the client, then take all utility service drops and equipment back to the walls, allowing the building to be reused again.

Demolition Coordination
and Management

SUSA knows that having someone that can coordinate across all spectrums is a valuable service to our clients. We can provide a coordinated effort negotiating your demo contract, manage your abatement contractor, coordinate with local utilities and contractors and assist in the permitting process. More importantly, we manage the commodities and assets separately and fully transparent.

Scrap Metal Management

Extracting the best value for your scrap metal is more than calling local dealers to get the best price. It is knowing what you have and where to dispose of it. SUSA will work with you on an open book basis to extract the maximum value for your project. We know when to push for higher prices and when to lock in prices. We also know how to negotiate trucking costs and obtain the over all best price for our clients. Regardless, SUSA will work transparently to maximize our customers’ money. We say “you don’t know what you don’t know”. Level the playing field by having SUSA on your team.

Utility Infrastructure

Did you know, utilities have a tax they are allowed to collect on infrastructure projects that averages 25%? That means every dollar saved is worth approximately $1.25. SUSA can manage utility infrastructure on site or obtaining service from the local utility and do so as your representative. Most firms understand from the meter to inside the building, but almost none understand the utility side of the equation. SUSA personnel have an extensive track record of success and can provide you with the best representation in negotiating with the utilities. Managing electric infrastructure is more than the physical assets. It is knowing the regulatory process, rate structures and rules, and how the infrastructure is integrated. SUSA personnel understands each component and how they all fit together.

Site Selection

Site selection is more than labor availability and wages. For larger customers, it is having the right infrastructure and operating costs. SUSA knows it is important to get it right up front, which is why we provide our clients with an NPV analysis based on capital and operating costs. We also negotiate tax incentives, special utility rates and development agreements. We can provide the entire site selection team or be part of a team that is established.

Utility Negotiations

Unless you speak “utility” and understand the regulations, you are likely not extracting the most value. SUSA personnel have the experience and expertise to properly represent you with your utility negotiations. With a proven track record of representing major corporations and developments, SUSA personnel has saved clients millions of dollars in capital and operating costs. Whether it is negotiating for a regulated rate, line extension/infrastructure improvements or electricity/natural gas purchase, our track record is second to none and have saved clients millions of dollars.
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