Aerospace Company

When this aerospace company (“Company”) decided to move out of the manufacturing space, they needed someone to oversee the utility work required to exit specific buildings within it multiple campuses.  SUSA personnel led the efforts in developing and executing the real-estate exit strategy plan(s) for utility infrastructure for more than 10 million square feet of the Company’s real estate redevelopment at its five major campuses.  This effort resulted in the development of strategies to execute on the plan, but also turned potential capital investments into revenue making opportunities.   SUSA personnel also negotiated a special contract for infrastructure installations with the local utility, which gave the Company a distinctive advantage over every other developer in the region, saving the Company millions of dollars in infrastructure costs for five years.      SUSA personnel also led the effort to represent the Company before the Washington Utilities Commission and negotiated a tariff for the Company to obtain retail access while the state remains regulated.  As a result, SUSA personnel then led the negotiations for the Company’s power supply for a contract in excess of $250million.  Savings provided to this Company were in the tens of millions of dollars, but more importantly provided a different way of approaching projects.

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